Once you sign up for Email Fusion's services, we provide unlimited telephone support to ensure that you get off to the right start. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support representatives will give you personalized service and the answers you need to get your email marketing endeavors up and running.


Email Fusion continually tracks hard and soft bounced emails and automatically unsubscribes these email addresses after a pre-determined period of time. Not only does this save you the trouble of having to keep track of these bounces and unsubscribes, but it guarantees that your future emails are focused upon active email addresses.


As part of the CAN-SPAM act, all emails sent through Email Fusion must include an unsubscribe link. Email Fusion provides you with the ability to customize the look and feel of your unsubscribe page, and it automatically processes unsubscribe requests in a timely manner.


Federal Trade Commission - CAN-SPAM LAW Our exclusive SPAM Analyzer automatically checks each of your emails to ensure that they comply with applicable CAN-SPAM laws. Email Fusion will score your email based on its contents and deliverability, and will only send emails that score 4.5 or lower. A breakdown of our Spam Analysis includes percentage of HTML contained in the email, font size, ratio of text to image area, and message characteristics.


We monitor our mail servers on a regular basis to ensure they remain whitelisted. If a server becomes blacklisted, we immediately remove it from our network to determine and correct the problem.