Effective Email Marketing Email marketing is getting tougher everyday. Due to the result of blatent SPAM techniques, email markting has been given a bad name. It has such a bad name that the US legistration has passed CAN/SPAM laws against it.

This is despite the fact that spyware and other forms of maliscous attacks on people's computers and personal identity is at an all time high.

At Lifeline Leads we are out to take back the ethical email marketer's reputation and profitablity.


  • We give you 1,000 Free Leads to test because we know that if you try them you will want to keep using them.

  • They are 0-72 hours old. The fresher a lead the better.

  • AOL and Hotmail leads are removed. These have very low deliverability rates.

  • They are checked for deliverabilty. We put them through a full SMTP authentication process.

  • These people expressed interest in making money working from home.

  • These also contain phone numbers. However, I recommend that you pre-screen them first.

Also, once you become a member of Lifeline Leads you will learn details of how to be more effective in your email marketing campaign. Such as:

  • How to find out if you are on a blacklist

  • How to avoid getting on blacklists

  • How to avoid the spam filters

  • How to recruit experienced marketers Free

  • How to use these leads with Voice Shot technology

  • Learn the dirty little secret about the Lead Industry

  • Purchase additional leads at wholesale

  • Sample Text and HTML ads provided

  • Autoresponder messages provided

  • Download Free Bulk Email Software

  • How to test your Ads and Subject lines

  • And much, much more...


  • Buy additional Real Time Autoresponder Leads at 1 Cent each.

  • Buy additional Surveyed Leads at $0.50 each

  • Special Deals and Blowout / Clearance Prices from time-to-time.

How to Get Paid as a Member of Lifeline Leads

Promote Lifeline Leads along with your main business opportunity or MLM and you will earn residual commissions as your downline grows.

All you need is 4 and your membership fee is covered. At that point you will be receiving excellent quality leads for FREE every month.

This article was written by Kevin Dixon