Email Marketing Benchmark I have to admit, I'm a data freak. I love to see surveys and studies that show user behavior. That's just what this new report from Marketing Sherpa delivers with regard to email marketing.

For instance, did you know...

  • Moms place low value on testimonials in email copy?

  • There are 4 things that those with high open and click rates do that others don't?

  • The graphic design of an email can increase readability by 31% or more?

  • 45%-60% of viewers will scroll below the fold of a long email?

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Over nineteen hundred (1,900) email marketers contributed their data, and 25 additional research studies are included, as well as 310 charts, tables and heat maps.

If you're tired of guessing about email marketing, the Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2006 will give you what you need to:

  • Compare your opt-in, open, click, and conversion rates to your competitors'

  • Redesign your email newsletter and sales alert templates to improve results -- based on Marketing Sherpa's new eye tracking laboratory email tests

  • Compare your current stats to real-life email marketing opens, clicks, conversions for B-2-B and B-2-C mailings

  • Discover what's worth testing (and what's not)

  • Gather insights from specific behavioral traits of age groups including teens, moms and more

  • Design email templates to boost average reading time and clicks

  • Choose the best day of week to send email campaigns

  • Unlock deliverability and spam filter problems

  • and more

There's a LOT of data in this report (over 265 pages of it), and it is presented in a very organized and easy to use way.


This is NOT a copywriting book. It will not show you (directly) how to write powerful copy for email campaigns. It will, however, shed a lot of light on what elements you should include in your copy and design. You'll also find out when to send, how to send and why you should send.

While I love the information, I wish Marketing Sherpa would have included more of its insights on the research. They do a fairly good job of translating the data findings, but could - in my opinion - go into greater detail. It isn't that anything is lacking... it's just that there's so much more to say.

Overall, I was quite impressed. The sheer volume of information in this book is amazing. At every page turn, I found myself thinking, "Oh really? Wow!"

As with all Marketing Sherpa products, it comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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This article was written by Karon Thackston © Copyright 2005