Email Subject Lines that Get Results Oftentimes overlooked, subject lines are perhaps the most important part of an email. A recipient is going to look at 2 things before they decide to open an email: (1) the sender and (2) the subject line. If the recipient isn't familiar with the sender, then your only chance to get your email read is the subject line.

A strong, enticing subject line is the opening statement and first impression you make. Here are some tips to make yours successful:

  • The shorter the better – you're not writing a long sentence or paragraph

  • Keep them relevant to your business and the topic of the email that your are sending

  • If there's an offer or a promotion be sure to feature it as the subject line

  • Never send an email with "No Subject"

You will always be most successful if you write subject lines that state a clear benefit and tell the reader exactly how they are going to save money, save time, make their life easier, etc. You need to be clear about what your email is offering. Here are some examples to help you get started:

  • Home Improvement Tips that Save You Money

  • Time-Saving Home Improvement Tips

  • Free Carbon Monoxide Detector with Home Inspection

  • Company's March Newsletter: Springtime Pest Control

The recipient is going to decide the order in which he reads email based on who sent it and what it is about. So, be sure to spend some extra time working on your subject line.