Email Campaigns Done Right If I Told You the TOP Professionals Jumped off a Bridge, Would You Jump?

Email marketing campaigns can be very profitable if done right. However, with the advent of spam filters and the amount of email advertising received by people each day, email advertisement has become more of a challenge. There is still one avenue for email advertisement that seems to be stable and seems to provide sellers with good numbers of return visitors.

On your website, you should always have an opt-in form. Your visitors should have the option to sign up for your newsletter, new product information, eCourses, articles, etc.

Aweber is a service that provides an email marketing service that you can run on autopilot. Big name marketers use this service to generate tons of leads and sales. You set up the autoresponder system one time, and emails are sent to your customers on a regular basis. Aweber says that a visitor to your site usually sees a product or service FIVE times before committing to a sale. By sending email reminders about your products and services, you can get visitors to return to your site to browse and buy!

Send emails to these visitors every week or two and include information on these updates to keep these visitors coming back to your site. Sending mass emails to random people throughout the internet is not beneficial to anyone involved, but sending emails to your customers is very important for good customer service. It's very easy to determine what is over the line. By now, we have heard about jail sentences for spammers.

This article was written by Kit Elliot